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Data Entry

For several decades, businesses have been entering their records by either hiring their own in-house data entry department or working with an outside force to get the job done. At Mimetek Data Solutions, we're partial to outsourcing those tasks to our own team of professional data technicians, all of whom can use our unique scanner and create new records with relative ease. We've focused on really improving our skills and embracing new technology in recent years, earning us a top spot among competing companies in the Dallas area.

High Levels of Accuracy are Absolutely Essential

Since our founding, our goal has been to inspire our own team, and our competitors, to greater levels of accuracy when they put data into the computer. Today, that hard work has paid off and we've been able to consistently offer our local customers an accuracy rate of just over 99.5 percent. In fact, our accuracy rate is often much higher than that level. We attribute it to better applications, a long history of experience, and the most seasoned team in the data industry here in the Dallas area.

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Forty one years in the business says we’re doing it right!

Mimetek is a USA, 100% woman owned company, that provides data entry services in both the USA and offshore. This allows client to choose USA labor, or enjoy the cost savings of our offshore operations. Whether you have survey forms, sweepstakes, reward cards, season passes, warranty cards, comment cards or other handwritten or typed paper documents, Mimetek can take your raw information and turn it into a database or format of your choice.
• Handwritten data converted through manual data entry to all usable formats.
• Upper/Lower Casing of Data, Genderization
• OCR/Marksense - Surveys
• USPS Database Address Correction Software
• Operators key from paper or image.
• USA and Offshore Labor
• 99.5% Guaranteed Accuracy on Verified Data
• Government Certified Vendor

If you have paper documents with handwritten information, we can data enter the required information into a useable format such as, but not limited to, Access, Excel, Tab Delimited or Sequel designed to meet the needs of your business. We provide information all upper cased, upper/lower cased, punctuated, gender assignment, based on first name and many other requested features. We enter large or small volumes of datta with a timely, low-cost solution.
Mimetek utilizes the USPS database address correction & verification process to ensure clients the accuracy they need for a complete mailing address. We instantaneously validate against the USPS database at the time of data entry.
Mimetek operators key from image or paper documents. For images, we use sophisticated “key from image” software. We also process survey documents with OCR software capabilities.
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